Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Need Your Opinion...Please :)

Well here's the thing, like most pups I have to stay in my crate when my Mom and Dad go out, but lately they have left me out a couple times, only when they knew they would be back within a reasonable amount of time (like going to the grocery store, or other small errands). I have been a very good girl while they went out. I didn't even have an accident or chew anything up! Which is the point of this post...Am I some kind of unusual puppy? I have never even been caught chewing on anything besides my toys even when they are home.

So the question that my Mom has is...Is this too good to be true? Can a puppy at just six months of age be trusted to stay out of her crate? My mom has precautions because with my sis, Mylie had many incidents along the way before she could be fully trusted, but she has no problems now.

I look innocent enough, right?!
Tell me what you all think!
Daisy Boo

Monday, September 26, 2011

Apparently I'm a Twi-Hard...

My mom loves the Twilight Saga (Books & Movies)...I know she's lame, right? Anyways, my Nana is a huge fan too so she bought us these shirts to sport. Now I don't normally where clothes, but I'll make an exception to make them happy...

Alight we look a little silly, but don't laugh!

Mom's shirt says: "Twilighter And Proud Of It"

Mylie's shirt- Team Edward Just Like My Mom

My shirt- La Push Werewolf in Training :) Team Jacob

Friday, September 23, 2011

What do you guys think?...Dog People vs. Cat People

Dog People vs. Cat People

Found this article on, tell me your thoughts...
I obviously have my own opinion ;)

Wags & Kisses,
<3 Daisy Boo

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Friday Night

Mom and Dad took us out to the Dog Bar last night. What a fun place! The parents get to hang out and have a good time, and Mylie and I get to come along and play with other dogs! The doggies can go indoors or stay outside (which we did a little of both last night, since it was kind of chilly).
Of course there was no drinking for us...seeing as how we are underage. ;)
We had a great time. Can't wait to go back.

 Mylie & I waiting to leave!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fresh & Clean

Got a bath today. Not too thrilled about that.

My sister loves baths, Mom lets her play with her toy that we bring to the lake. She has a great time.

I love swimming, but I get out of the tub as soon as possible!
[ p.s. look at my cute crimped hair ;) ]

Worn out...yes sleeping on the bed...all wet. Bad dog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Hangin' Out

Relaxing night at home, went to the doggie park today, so I am a bit worn out. I am starting to really enjoy to be around other dogs...& I'm getting less hesitant each time we go.

Not too much has been going on lately, I am all healed from my spay surgery, which is a great thing because I get to be rough again and not have to worry about my stitches! Also, I turned 5 months old on the 11th, I am growing into such a beautiful girl.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Is This Real Life?

Just told you guys about my summer adventures, everything was going great then...
August 25th came along.

I got spayed! So here's how the story goes...

Yesterday was a rough day, let me tell ya...I knew something was up when Mom and Dad made me get up way before normal at 6:30 am, since I've been a really good girl lately and sleeping in until at least 9 o'clock.

They loaded me up in the car, and left my sister at home, second indication that something strange was going on...they never only take one of us to go somewhere. We arrived at this place, went inside and I noticed that other doggies and kitties were there, so I wasn't so scared anymore. But then...they just left me there, all by myself. :(

A lady took me in the back and a lot happened after that...all I remember is waking up later feeling really funny! A little later, after I rested for a little while, my Mommy and Daddy came back to pick me up.

Last night was no fun. I was so sleepy and when I tried to drink anything I threw it up! Didn't even want to eat my dinner. Good news is I'm feeling a lot better today, I ate something, got my pain meds and have lots more energy. My parents keep telling me I need to take it easy, but that's easier said then done for a 4 1/2 year old puppy like myself.

Will add more pictures of my "Conehead" look later! :)

End of Summer Update

Wow the July and August have just flown by and I haven't had two seconds to blog. I have been slacking on my duties to update you all on my summer adventures! So here it goes...

At the end of July, my family and I went to stay down to the beach to stay with my Grandma. Oh man, was that a blast. Mylie (my sister) and I had lots of fun playing with a puppy named Maggie. She's an American Eskimo and about 7 months old, at the time we we're about the same size...but I'm sure now that I am much bigger and probably twice her weight :) And our cousin, Roxy who is a Labradoodle. Anyways they're really nice pups and we have lots of fun playing with them.

We also went to walk on the beach and I got to go swimming!! I absolutely loved it and I got soo much attention from everyone on the beach, so that was a plus.

After we got back home from the beach vacation, it was back to playing outside, going to the park, exploring, and meeting lots of new people and puppies!

Here's some pictures from my trip
Sunset Beach

Roxy playing with the cat tunnel

Playing in the backyard

Giving Aunt Jess some kisses

Back home with my sis

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week in Review

Had my last puppy visit at the vet on Tuesday. I don't look to thrilled in the photo above, but I swear I really do like the people at the vet's office, they're really nice and give me these awesome treats. I did have to get the last round of shots, glad that's over. Also, I got my rabies's so shiny and now I have two tags on my collar, that one and my name tag :)

Hey...Where'd ya go Doc?

Next Adventure of the week: Trip to the Dog Park

Met this nice little girl, we played a little and shared some water. Her name was Lily.

Somehow, my sister and I always end up being the dirtiest pups in the park. Never fails.

This is a pretty Golden boy that I met, I was a little nervous around him at first...because he was so big compared to me. Can't believe I could be that big one day...maybe not as big, but close!

Taking a rest under the picnic table.

Digging! :P

Not too much else going on during the week, mostly just playing with Mylie and going outside for walks at night, because it is way too hot outside during the day. Temps have been in the high 90's and even getting into triple digits a couple days. Not sure what's to come this week, but rest assured something exciting will happen! So stay tuned :)

Wags & Kisses,
Daisy Boo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Chair

Let me tell you, I LOVE this chair!

It's the perfect size for mom tells me I'm going to be too big for it but I don't believe her!

So Comfy :)

I even like to take naps in my chair!

In other news...I went to my last vet appointment today for all of my puppy shots. I am weighing in at 24.4 lbs at 3 months and 1 week old. I also got a rabies shot today, so I got this shiny new tag & the nice lady at the vet put it on my collar! Anyways, the vet visit may be contributing to why I'm laying around in my chair tonight...I'm feeling okay, just a little lazy. I'm pretty positive I'll be back to my full of energy self tomorrow!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Came to Visit

Grandma & I at Lake Norman

This is my Uncle Joey & Aunt Jessica, they're so fun to play with

My mom's birthday was this weekend and daddy surprised her and invited their families to come stay with us for this weekend! We had so much fun, and got lots of extra attention from all of our guests :) It was a very busy past couple of days and haven't had much time to think about blogging, but I'm sure there will be more to come this week

See you guys later...Wags & Kisses,
Daisy Boo

Monday, July 11, 2011

Growing Up Fast

Three Months Old Today!
Everyone says I'm growing up to be such a pretty girl...& I must admit I do agree.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazy Day...

Daisy's Day

Well, today is Mom had off work allll day so we just hung out at the house. I love when she doesn't have to work. We get to play and go outside all day. I am a very happy girl, if you couldn't tell :)

Sister & I sitting pretty. Posing for Mommy's crazy picture taking and waiting on a treat!


I might be little but don't let that fool you. Yep, that's right...I stole Mylie's bone right out from under her...and left her with that little rubber one. haha!

Nice clean towels. Fresh out of the dryer...loved laying all over them. I was trying to tell Mommy that I wanted to go swimming again!

P.S. Can't wait for my Daddy to come home tomorrow!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny Sunday Funday

Today, we took my first trip to Lake Norman! Wow, let me tell you that is a really fun place. I am worn out. I knew it would be fun because my sister was getting all excited when mommy and daddy were getting everything together and ready to leave. So our adventure began, we got in the back of daddy's car...which is definitely no fun! I cried, whined and tried to get up front and sit with them, but it didn't work. :( After what seemed like forever, we finally got to the lake. There was water all around the grassy area we went to. My parents said that we were going swimming!

Now I've heard about this swimming thing, but never actually done it myself. I was very curious to see what it was all about. Mylie, my sis loves swimming, I'm pretty sure she would stay out in the water all day, if mom and dad let her! Mylie has this great toy that gets thrown out in the water and she has to go after. We got the toy out and headed down to the water. We jumped right in! And man it's true, Golden Retrievers do like water :) I really enjoy this whole swimming thing. It is soo much fun to splash around.

There I go! I loveee swimming :)

Taking a little break, watching Mylie...she was still swimming and fetching her water toy.

Well, Mom started drying me off...I guess that means we're done swimming for today. I wasn't really happy about leaving, but my mom and dad promised that we will come back real soon!

We got to sleep on the car ride home, no crying this time :)

Ahh, all clean after my bath! I could barely stay awake in the bath...glad that's over. I think I'm gonna take a nap so I can rest up and be ready to play later tonight.

I think it is safe to say that today was a success! I had such a blast and can't wait to go back to play. :)

Wags & Kisses,

Daisy Boo

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Golden Life

As I've wrote in my "About Me", I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my mom, dad and big sister Mylie, who is an excellent doggy companion. I have only lived with them for about a month now and I have already had so many new adventures. I'm really starting to adjust to living with my new family and I'm pretty sure they are already in love with me! How could you not be...have you seen what a cute little face I have? ;).

My mom and dad decided they wanted to get another puppy shortly after moving to Charlotte in January. They thought it would be a great idea to find a doggy best friend for Mylie. So they started looking around and found a breeder of Golden Retrievers, which is what breed they wanted after doing some research and lots of thinking! My sister turned one year old on May 18th and I came home May 27th...guess you could say I was part of her birthday present!

This is my dad, first day we met. I got to come home a week later!

In the next few days, Mylie and I became fast friends. We really don't like to leave each others sides. I love playing with her...she even shares her toys with me! She doesn't know it yet, but one day I am going to be bigger than her, she'll probably like that better though, right now Mommy always tells her to be easy with me because I'm still a baby. Couple more months and I'll be just as big as she is. Mom and Dad like to bring us with them wherever they can. They tell me I have to wait a while to go to the doggy park, but from what I hear about it I'm sure I'm going to love it! We have done lots of other fun stuff though, like meet my grandparents who live at this great place called "The Beach". It was so much fun and I know I'm going to love visiting there, especially when I'm a little bigger and can really get in the water and swim!

This is my mom, grandma and sister at Sunset Beach

Well that's all for now...but I will have many stories and adventures to share with you all later! Thanks for reading.

Wags & Kisses,
Daisy Boo