Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Need Your Opinion...Please :)

Well here's the thing, like most pups I have to stay in my crate when my Mom and Dad go out, but lately they have left me out a couple times, only when they knew they would be back within a reasonable amount of time (like going to the grocery store, or other small errands). I have been a very good girl while they went out. I didn't even have an accident or chew anything up! Which is the point of this post...Am I some kind of unusual puppy? I have never even been caught chewing on anything besides my toys even when they are home.

So the question that my Mom has is...Is this too good to be true? Can a puppy at just six months of age be trusted to stay out of her crate? My mom has precautions because with my sis, Mylie had many incidents along the way before she could be fully trusted, but she has no problems now.

I look innocent enough, right?!
Tell me what you all think!
Daisy Boo