Friday, August 26, 2011

Is This Real Life?

Just told you guys about my summer adventures, everything was going great then...
August 25th came along.

I got spayed! So here's how the story goes...

Yesterday was a rough day, let me tell ya...I knew something was up when Mom and Dad made me get up way before normal at 6:30 am, since I've been a really good girl lately and sleeping in until at least 9 o'clock.

They loaded me up in the car, and left my sister at home, second indication that something strange was going on...they never only take one of us to go somewhere. We arrived at this place, went inside and I noticed that other doggies and kitties were there, so I wasn't so scared anymore. But then...they just left me there, all by myself. :(

A lady took me in the back and a lot happened after that...all I remember is waking up later feeling really funny! A little later, after I rested for a little while, my Mommy and Daddy came back to pick me up.

Last night was no fun. I was so sleepy and when I tried to drink anything I threw it up! Didn't even want to eat my dinner. Good news is I'm feeling a lot better today, I ate something, got my pain meds and have lots more energy. My parents keep telling me I need to take it easy, but that's easier said then done for a 4 1/2 year old puppy like myself.

Will add more pictures of my "Conehead" look later! :)

End of Summer Update

Wow the July and August have just flown by and I haven't had two seconds to blog. I have been slacking on my duties to update you all on my summer adventures! So here it goes...

At the end of July, my family and I went to stay down to the beach to stay with my Grandma. Oh man, was that a blast. Mylie (my sister) and I had lots of fun playing with a puppy named Maggie. She's an American Eskimo and about 7 months old, at the time we we're about the same size...but I'm sure now that I am much bigger and probably twice her weight :) And our cousin, Roxy who is a Labradoodle. Anyways they're really nice pups and we have lots of fun playing with them.

We also went to walk on the beach and I got to go swimming!! I absolutely loved it and I got soo much attention from everyone on the beach, so that was a plus.

After we got back home from the beach vacation, it was back to playing outside, going to the park, exploring, and meeting lots of new people and puppies!

Here's some pictures from my trip
Sunset Beach

Roxy playing with the cat tunnel

Playing in the backyard

Giving Aunt Jess some kisses

Back home with my sis